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Restaurant 2 Garden

Decentralized, community-controlled composting in Seattle's Chinatown International District


Our Mission

To transform food waste into high quality soil amendments within Seattle's most vibrant food hub - the Chinatown International District.

Pilot Project

Working in partnership with Itsumono, a local BIPOC-owned restaurant and bar, and the Danny Woo Community Garden, where APIA (Asian Pacific Islander American) elder residents grow food, we are gearing up to begin a pilot composting project in Fall 2021.

Our long term goal

To create a decentralized and hyper local community composting facility that benefits our restaurants and our urban farmers. Instead of our restaurateurs having their waste hauled away for a fee and our gardeners having to buy it back in the form of compost, we want to close that gap and eliminate the need to transport food waste and compost in and out of our neighborhood. By keeping natural and financial resources local we can reduce the use of fossil fuels, and benefit the local economy.

Who we are

Environmental professionals and C-ID community members Joycelyn Chui and Elizabeth Chong Baskerville.

Visit here for information on our Front and Centered Peer-Learning Program:

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Your donation will go towards purchasing materials for our pilot program, including:

  • $4,998 for an Earth Cube

  • $250 of materials for two pest-proof vermicompost bins, each 4'x16'

  • $50 for a misting system

  • Pitchforks, shovels, and other tools

  • Red wriggler worms

Thank you for your support!

*Make sure you write "COMPOST" in the PayPal notes section when you donate

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