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Environmental Design & Consulting

Serving the Seattle and Coast Salish lands

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Types of Services

Master Plan


Designed Grass Field

Complete garden designs including concept sketches, perspectives, and scale drawings. This process is iterative and collaborative and takes place over several sessions.

I pick, You plant

Design + Coaching

Plant Nursery

Detailed planting plans and a hands-on gardening workshop to help you install your garden. Best for small residential projects and aspiring gardeners.

Rain Gardens & Cisterns

Design + Installation


Rain gardens and cisterns are green stormwater infrastructure solutions that slow and filter polluted water that otherwise harm our waterways.

The City of Seattle grants rebates to homeowners in designated areas. Learn more about this program here to find out if you qualify for a cistern or rain garden.

Community Projects

Consulting + Design


Neighborhood scale projects like pocket parks and community gardens. Includes stakeholder meetings, collaborative charettes, consulting, and/or a master plan with renderings.

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